Man and woman wearing black Airpop Pocket face mask and yellow and black AirPop Active face mask

Creating Unrivaled Breathing Experiences

Air Wearables Since 2015


Our mission is to empower consumers by giving them more control over every breath they take, which in turn, creates better overall public health. We create solutions that help you perform better, feel better, and breathe better.


AirPop Active+ Halo Smart Mask face mask that connects with AirPop Halo app


AirPop is the world’s first “air wearables” company. Since 2015, we’ve been leveraging anthropomorphic & material science with the latest technology to build ultra-high-performance products that provide an unrivaled breathing experience for millions of users around the world.

Comprised of an award-winning team of experts in performance apparel, ergonomics, air filtration, material science, and advanced manufacturing.

The foundation of our entire range of masks is class-leading filtration that works 2 ways. Every breath inward through AirPop masks is >99% filtered of particles and droplets and importantly today, every breath outward is filtered just the same.


At AirPop, we want to give consumers more control over the air they breathe and their health. What you eat, drink and breathe are key factors to maintaining good health, yet the focus is so often on everything except air quality. Our mission is to use science, technology, and design to create smart products that provide an effective barrier for you and others against airborne particulates.

At AirPop, every breath counts. 

Woman wearing grey and white AirPop Active face mask
Kids outdoors with pink AirPop face mask for kids and woman with white AirPop face mask


AirPop was born from a profound need to support health and wellbeing. When AirPop's co-founder was living in China he found his 2-year old and a newborn both suffering from acute respiratory illnesses in reaction to their local environment. China, one of the most pervasive areas for all forms of airborne pollution, poses a year-round health risk. So in order to help his family and millions more, he created AirPop.

AirPop delivers superior performance by solving the 3 critical issues: fit, filtration, and function (breathability). Each of these factors plays a key role in ensuring a reliable, two-way barrier by keeping a tight enough seal around facial areas, without suffocating or being too uncomfortable to wear.



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