Pocket KN95 Black 2pcs

Please note that the delivery of the Black Pocket masks has been delayed until end of January

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Parent Tested, Parent Approved” Seal of Approval

AirPop received recognition in 2021 by PTPA for its line of masks for adults and kids. PTPA is one of the most trusted sources of quality product recommendations for families for the last 10 years.

Woman standing outside by the water wearing black AirPop Pocket face mask

Engineered to Fit You

No matter what age, size or shape you are, how chaotic or streamlined your day is, or how jet set or local your life is,  AirPop Pocket just fits.

Our Innovative nose seal that conforms to your unique face  to our soft-touch ear bands to our carrying case for on-the-go needs and everything in between

Pro-Grade Filtration

Tested by Intertek NY to the ASTM F3502-21 standard, AirPop Pocket achieved >97% particle filtration efficiency and 8mm H2O inhalation breathing resistance following 10  cleanings.

Unrivaled Breathability

Wearing a mask can feel oppressive especially if you find breathing difficult. This is the major reason people dislike wearing a mask for any period of time.

Our innovative 3D Air Dome design is engineered for ideal air exchange, reduced CO2 accumulation and allows for natural, easy breathing.

This also prevents the mask from collapsing onto the lips/cheeks which makes speech difficult and can exacerbate skin/lip irritation.

The inside of AirPop Pocket face mask

Just In Case

The AirPop Pocket mask works exclusively with the sleek  and slim stow-away case (sold separately).

Simply fold along the dotted lines and dock into the slot provided for un-rivalled portability.

Stowed safely & hygienically your AirPop Pocket is there ready for when you need it.

For All Essential Workers

AirPop Pocket provides two-way protection filtering air in both directions ensuring wearers and visitors are equally safe in indoor situations like public transport, crowded shopping centers, social events or high-contact jobs.

Man in New York City wearing white AirPop Pocket face mask




Dave R. - Verified buyer

I’ve tried many different brands of masks since the requirement to wear one in most instances. This mask fits well and is very comfortable if worn for extended periods. I would highly recommend this product.


Laura M. - Verified buyer

I love these masks. They fit better than any other masks out there and I’ve tried a ton. The seal is excellent due to the foam and it doesn’t itch my face like the standard blue hospital masks because it sits off my face


Marie S. - Verified buyer

These are the best masks ever! Comfortable fit, great design, breath-able,
and effective. I have given them to a dozen friends who ALL say the same.
Best mask out there!


Fiona A. - Verified buyer

Very comfortable. Glasses do not steam up as much. Design means the mask does not sit directly onto the nose & mouth which makes for much easier breathing.
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