"AirPop Active Plus: A mask that will track your workout and your air quality"

"Face masks will no doubt remain a societal fixture, especially in crowded urban areas, and Airpop Active+ could provide welcome peace of mind"

"AirPop Active Plus: A mask that will track your workout and your air quality"

"The Active Plus from tech company AirPop isn't the first mouth cover to call itself a 'smart face mask', but it may be the first to deserve that title, as it has a few useful health features, as well as smartphone app integration"


"This 'smart mask' is like a fitness tracker for your environment and lungs"

"AirPop’s Active+ Smart Mask tracks your breathing like Fitbit tracks your steps"

"AirPop’s Active+ mask is the smartest thing you can attach to your face"

"AirPop Breathes Life Into The New Air Wearables Category"

“If the last 12 months have taught most of us anything, it’s the value of a facemask.”
“The AirPop Active+ doesn’t disappoint.”

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"Thanks to the mask’s 3D shape, it’s very easy to speak in. I often wear my AirPop mask if I’m going to an appointment or know I’m going to interact with someone. Other masks lay flat on my face, so I always feel like I have to lift them up to speak clearly and comfortably. (As a plus, the AirPop mask doesn’t smudge my lipstick, either.)"





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